Always included:

  • Professionally trained cleaners
  • All supplies and tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Every clean is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Unlimited and unrivaled customer service through email, phone, or chat
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Each cleaning is unique. The lists below are a guide of what we do during the specified cleaning.

Your first cleaning is a Deep Clean. Our estimate is based on an average home in normal condition and includes up to 2.5-4.5 man-hours of cleaning. If more time is needed we will contact you for approval prior to going over time.

If you are aware that your home is cluttered, please ensure that the home is picked up before our arrival. If the home has not been professionally cleaned in the past 30 days or has excessive buildup, please add the flat-rate “Heavy Duty” extra to the booking.

Any work performed outside the regular scope such as de-cluttering or organizing will be charged at our hourly rate prior to starting the actual service. This applies to any situation, which would prevent us from initiating the cleaning process at arrival. Furthermore, if we arrive and it is apparent that the home has not been cleaned professionally within the last 30 days or has excessive buildup, we will add the “Heavy Duty” extra to the booking.