Spring is the perfect time to get your house in order and clear out the clutter. However getting started can be difficult! If you want to make sure your house stays tidy, follow a few tips to clear out unwanted items. Here are some ideas to start.

One Room at a Time

When it’s time to start clearing clutter, the task can seem overwhelming. To make sure you aren’t ready to quit before you even start, approach this project one room at a time. Choose the room you want to start with and stick with it until you are completely finished.

Don’t start in any other room until you have completed the previous one. This allows you to focus on one room at a time and to see the progress you are making. Find guides online that will help you get through each room successfully. Seeing progress can help you keep going when the endeavor seems too hard.

Move Things Into Storage

You may have items you want to get out of the way but don’t want to throw away for good. It’s best to move these items into storage. In fact, winter items are perfect candidates for storage since you will need them next year.

On the Move advises that moving things into storage is a great way to compromise between keeping them at your house and throwing them away. If you realize you’ve stored something that you would actually like to have at home, it’s easy to go get it. You won’t have regrets about throwing items out if you simply put them away for later. If the task seems daunting, a moving company can help you transfer your items from one place to another.

Go Paperless

Put going paperless on your spring-cleaning to-do list, and you will avoid clutter in the future. UnClutter advises that you simply request to go paperless with every company you receive contact from and opt-out of any junk mail items you can avoid.

Never having this paper enter your home means you never have to sort, recycle, or trash it. Sitting down and unsubscribing or choosing the paperless option in spring will give you freedom from paper clutter all year long. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to help the world.

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to simply washing the windows and cleaning the baseboards. Make sure your spring cleaning includes tackling clutter so your life will be simpler for all the upcoming seasons.

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